60 'How To' Tutorials Reveal Trade Secrets To Getting FREE & Paid Server-Melting Traffic FAST!

Discover high level traffic strategies that are NOT openly talked about including... Reverse Engineering your Competitors, Understanding Google Adwords Mechanics, Achieving Highest Bid Quality Scores, The 5 Distinctive Variables, The Golden Rules of Visitor Demographics and so much more!... and Get The Traffic Advantage You've Been Looking For!

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Thursday 29th of July
From Tony Mathews and Aaron Danker
Your Online Marketing Teachers

It's A FACT: Traffic Is The Lifeblood Of Your Business...

Setting up your first website is a great start... learning HTML, setting up your blog, writing your first sales letter, reviewing affiliate products... these are all qualities that turn you into an marketing expert.

But the question you should be asking yourself is... "How do I get people to see my site and click my affiliate links?..." or "How do I get people to join my mailing list?..." or "How do I get people to see my site and buy my products?"...

Whilst you can spend weeks, even months developing your online business, you won't be able to make a single cent until you know how to get traffic... Not just any traffic... but focused TARGETED traffic.

There's no use sending people to a 'gardening website' if they are looking for 'baby knitting patterns'... There's no use sending people to a 'fly fishing website' if they are looking for 'home schooling tips'... Equally there's no use sending visitors to a site on 'Photoshop tutorials' if they want to 'setup a WordPress blog'.

Your site has a purpose and so does your visitor. You now need to get the right visitors to your site, so they'll stay on your page, sign up, click your affiliate link, or buy your product. That's the only way you'll turn a profit.

It's safe to say that traffic is the lifeblood of your business and without it your site will be like a ghost town. The problem however is that getting traffic requires a different skillset... and is one of the BIGGEST stumbling blocks beginners face.

This is why we've put together an 'all you need to know about traffic' course together.


Introducing... Massive Traffic Attack!

Get Instant Access to 60 Tutorials Covering All Aspects of FAST Traffic Generation!

Now you can get your hands on a truly complete training course of all the best tried and test traffic generation techqniues that work for 2021!

These are proven techniques that drive thousands of visitors to our own sites and our client's websites every month. With these traffic techniques you'll discover new an innovative ways of online marketing gauranteed to take your online business to new heights!

...And the best part is that these techniques are TIMELESS. What you learn today can be used over and over and over again no matter what business model you choose!

Here's a taster of what's inside this course...

Lesson 1.0 - Introduction To Getting Big Traffic

Find out how to generate traffic using paid and free methods. This video gives you a brief overview that you should quickly go through.

  • Why is it important to generate high-traffic (...irrespective of the nature of your business!)
  • What are the diverse ways of generating traffic (...a detailed discussion that'll keep you ahead of the competition!)
  • Know the right definition of ‘paid and free traffic’ with real-life examples.

Lesson 2.0 - What Is Google Adwords

Discover how to produce traffic via Google Adwords even if you have zero knowledge on generating traffic.

  • What is Google Adwords and how to utilize it for generating quality traffic (surprisingly, the concept is quite simple and not as pricey.)
  • Where and how are the advertisements displayed (hint - pay close attention to this.)
  • Why most users don't recognize the difference between an ad, and the original search results.

Lesson 2.1 - Google Adwords - The Mechanics

Unravel the mechanics of Google Adwords for an instant 'on' switch of traffic.

  • What are the initial 7 steps to start your first campaign through Google Adwords.
  • Why is it important to change the default bid strategy to “I’ll manually set my bids for clicks” (hint - this is a great advice for beginners!!)
  • How to select the correct keywords to direct the audience towards your landing page (understand this with a relevant example!)

Lesson 2.2 - Highest Bid Quality Scores - The Basics

Discover the two major components that always determine the success of your adverts

  • Understand the important basics of bidding (...don't miss this if you're just starting out with your Adwords campaign!)
  • What are the 3 important factors you should keep in mind while deciding the bidding prices (…understand this with a real-life example!)
  • How to ensure that Google values the relevance and usefulness of your selected keyword (hint - discover the science behind the 'Quality Score'.)
  • Why creating a higher bid does not necessarily bring success (...a hard truth!)

Lesson 2.3 - The Strategies and Tactics (Part 1)

Find out how to structure your Google Adwords account to identify relevant keywords

  • Discover 3 benefits of a well structured Adwords account.
  • Find multiple ways to structure your Adwords account (...a detailed discussion that a beginner should never miss.)
  • How to identify the relevant keywords to apply for different campaign ads (plus, find a secret tool that will help you with the process!)
  • Why is it a great idea to start small with the number of keywords per ad group (especially in the beginning!)

Lesson 2.4 - The Strategies and Tactics (Part 2)

See how to identify your audience and 'Unique Selling Point' for the success of your Adwords campaign

  • How to identify and discover the demands of your customers (hint - developing characters is an essential part of the process.)
  • Why you need to verify whether there is a definite audience for your Ads (...this is an important step before you launch your first campaign!)
  • What is your USP and how does it set you apart from your competitors (hint - understand this with a relevant example.)
  • A 3-step process that'll help you figure out your USP, even if you work in a difficult niche!

Lesson 2.5 - The Strategies and Tactics (Part 3)

Discover how to come up with killer ads for your Adwords campaign that get people clicking

  • What are the 2 important missions that your ads have to accomplish?
  • How to direct qualified customers towards your ad (hint - to find the answer, go through these key components.)
  • How to construct a powerful headline that gets instant attention right away (hint - give them a solution!)
  • Keep 3 pointers in mind before you construct the description line for your Ads (…and achieve immediate results!)

Lesson 2.6 - The Strategies and Tactics (Part 4)

See how to track your conversions - the final step to get your Adwords campaign right!

  • What is conversion tracking and why is it absolutely important for your campaign (hint - the best way to know which campaigns are pulling your resources down.)
  • Discover some of the popular ways to track conversions (with real-life examples.)
  • Why conversion tracking is even more important if you have multiple businesses (...so you can make adjustments along the way.)

Lesson 2.7 - Optimize Your Google Adwords

Find out how to optimize your Adwords campaign like a true PPC pro!

  • Why and how should you test run your Adwords campaign (hint - the only aim is to maximize your conversion rates while minimizing costs.)
  • What to do if your keywords are not generating any profit?
  • How to compare different versions of your landing page through a short-cut method (…and it works each time!)

Lesson 3.0 - Media Buying An Overview

Get an understanding of a different paid traffic vehicle - Media Buying

  • What is media buying and how does it work in the context of internet marketing?
  • 4 important factors that you have to consider when trying to generate traffic through buying media (hint - there's no other way!)
  • How to plan strategically so you don't waste your main resources - TIME & MONEY (hint - optimize the advertisement’s performance throughout the entire span.)

Lesson 3.1 - Reverse Engineering

How to reverse engineer your resources while ensuring your media buying campaign’s success!

  • What is reverse engineering and how do you go about it (...while saving time and money since you don't have to reinvent the wheel.)
  • How to drive traffic towards your ad campaign via a specific site (when you do not have any traffic, to begin with!)
  • Discover the best ways to reverse engineer from your competitor’s campaign (hint - just work backward!)

Lesson 3.2 - The 5 Distinctive Variables

Discover the 5 distinctive variables that will ensure success (and maximize the return on your investment)

  • How to use these powerful variables while applying the reverse engineering strategy.
  • Ask these 4 questions before you put up your banner on a specific site (…and you have to know about this beforehand.)
  • 3 ways to compose a persuasive ad copy (just follow this and you'd have a naturally engaging ad right from the day one!)

Lesson 3.3 - Direct And Indirect Competitors

Discover how to identify your direct and indirect competitors - next step in the Media Buying series!

  • Why is it necessary to conduct a competitor analysis (hint - the very first step if you're looking to identify the gaps in the market.)
  • Let's understand the concept of direct and indirect competitors with a practical example.
  • How to track your competitor’s performance (plus, find a free tool for this!)
  • What can you learn from WhatRunsWhere.com and Adbeat.com?
  • How to model the gathered information to fit your campaign (hint - pay close attention to this.)

Lesson 3.4 - Mastering Your First Banner And Offer

Let's take a few steps to start creating your banner and managing your first offer

  • What is Ad Network and why should you know about it?
  • The  3 simple steps to ensure your banner’s success (hint - start small by scaling small!)
  • What are the precautions you should take while determining the size and style of your Banner Ad?
  • Why is it a good idea to hire freelancers to design your first banner.
  • How to test your Ads using Ad servers (...a practical tool that saves you a lot of time.)
  • How and why to control the number of times a customer views your ad in a specific time frame (hint - the best way to maximize your return on investment!)

Lesson 3.5 - Banner Ad Mastery

Discover how to test out your ads the right way (and avoid wastage of resources!)

  • Why is it crucial to come up with various banner styles to test run your ads on multiple sites (...understand this with an example!)
  • How to apply the 2X Conversion Rule (...especially when the banners do not generate any traffic!)
  • The 5 point recap for the whole media buying process (hint - practical tips to master the art of media buying!)
  • Real life examples of banners that generate massive amounts of clicks and how you can emulate them in your business no matter what niche you're in!
  • Discover the art of good text placement and call-to-actions that give you maximum click-thru rates!

Lesson 4.0 - What Are Solo Ads

What is the importance of 'Solo Ads' for an information marketer

  • Where to find your targeted audience or your intended mailing list for a Solo Ad (...broadly speaking, you have two choices!)
  • What's the biggest benefit of purchasing a Solo Ad (hint - the emails are focused on a particular niche.)
  • How to find out whether Solo Ads will work for you?

Lesson 4.1 - How To Generate Your Traffic (Part 1)

How to generate and purchase your traffic via Solo Ads (specifically focusing on ‘Solo Owners’)

  • How to use 'Solo Owners' to search for your intended mailing list (…a top-notch technique that's extremely useful.)
  • 2 major downsides in opting to purchase your traffic from Solo Owners (hint - you may be wasting resources if you don't pay attention!)
  • What is the one major factor to consider before you invest your energy in 'Solo Owners' (hint - ensure that offer is not a mismatch!)

Lesson 4.2 - How To Generate Your Traffic (Part 2)

How to generate your traffic based on ‘Solo Ads Brokers’

  • What are Solo Ads Brokers, and how do they aid you in generating traffic (…and how they usually charge if you use their services.)
  • What is CPM and how to measure it?
  • What are the 3 major functions that Solo Ad Brokers bring to the table (…and how to ensure a good working relationship if you happen to hire one.)
  • How to take advantage of the Solo Ads Facebook group (…with a couple of live working examples.)

Lesson 4.3 - The Golden Rules (Part 1)

Follow 2 golden rules to ensure your Solo Ads success and build your list traffic insanely fast!

  • How to identify your target audience and be familiar with their demographics (plus, find a relevant example for better understanding.)
  • What do you mean by 'scale small, and go bigger each time.' (hint - this is the only strategy that saves you from unwanted subscribers.)
  • How to be specific in your advertising - a mistake many rookie Solo Ad users make (…also, stay true to why the audience opted into your list for!)

Lesson 4.4 - The Golden Rules (Part 2)

Discover the importance of metrics and why is it important to know your numbers!

  • How to correctly identify the cost to purchase your Solo Ads (hint - you have to be systematic and calculative, especially if you want to go big.)
  • What is CPM and how to calculate it (...understand the computation with a relevant example.)
  • How to track the progress of your ads with time (hint - find a way to create your own method for tracking!)

Lesson 4.5 - Test It Out For Sustainability

How to successfully test your Solo Ads on a budget without risking your finances

  • Why is it a great idea to test run your Solo Ads frequently through a small sample.
  • How to identify if the Solo Ad is working and track its progress with time (hint - it gives you an opportunity to devise a new plan and improve.)
  • How to scale your Solo Ad campaign in a gradual manner (hint - consistency, and sustainability is the key here.)

Lesson 5.0 - What Is Warrior Special Offer

What is Warrior Special Offer (WSO) and why should you know about it?

  • What is a WSO and how should you leverage the potential of the 'Warrior Forum' - a fabulous community of online freelancers.
  • Why should you be interested in the functioning of Warrior Forum as a platform (…and why that matters!)
  • How to generate your leads through the mailing list of the registered members (…the no-hype tip that works every time.)

Lesson 5.1 - Creating Your Own Warrior Special Offer

Discover how to create your own WSO on the Warrior Forum (it's much easier than you think!)

  • What is the cost of creating an offer and how to start building one by configuring your product details.
  • How to create your own sales copy and publish the whole offer in a matter of a few clicks.
  • Find the best way to create a crowd-pleasing offer that audience would be naturally attracted to (…don’t miss this if you’re doing it for the first time!)

Lesson 5.2 - Warrior Tips To Traffic

Get five real-life tips that you can follow to ensure your WSO will succeed

  • Why is it crucial to bump your special offer thread as often as you can (hint - this is a great advice for beginners.)
  • Does banner advertising work on Warrior Forum (...and why most advertisers will choose the 'Top Banner Ad'.)
  • Why is it important to incorporate videos and testimonials in your sales letter (…and why it works all the time!)

Lesson 6.0 - Meet The Affiliate Program

Discover the absolute basics of an Affiliate Program and whether it's a system you should incorporate

  • What is an Affiliate Program and why you need to have a 'main website' for it to work.
  • A brief history behind the success of 'Affiliate Programs' (in fact, you'd be surprised to know the renowned company that popularized the idea of affiliating!)
  • How does a traditional affiliate program work?

Lesson 6.1 - The 3 Handymen Of Affiliating

Discover the 3 Handymen of Affiliate Program that you should know about!

  • Discover the 3 handymen that act as a backbone of your online business (hint - without any of these 3, you won’t be able to gain the required traffic to your website.)
  • Why is it important to seek an affiliate or associate, to begin with (hint - find a peek into the whole process.)
  • What is the purpose of Affiliating (…and the 3 main payment methods you should know about.)
  • What’s the right definition of a ‘Merchant’?

Lesson 6.2 - Customize Your Profile

Find out how to customize your profile and register as the merchant for an affiliate

  • How to familiarize yourself with the ‘Payment Profile’ and start the registering with an affiliate (...understand the whole procedure with the real-life example!)
  • Why is it recommended that you opt for the ‘Vendor Payment’ type?
  • How to configure your account with PayPal?
  • Why should you successfully consider to get a ‘GetResponse’ account (...and add up your mailing list right from the day one!)

Lesson 6.3 - Grab An Affiliate

Discover how to add a product to your JVZoo account and let your affiliate promote it for you

  • How to put basic information on the ‘Sellers Dashboard’ (...don't miss any step here!)
  • What is the 'conversion payout percentage'?
  • Should you allow your affiliate to have access to your Sales Page?
  • How to choose a 'delivery method' and a 'return period' (hint - it’s much simpler than you think!)

Lesson 6.4 - Finalizing Your Product To The Affiliate

See how to finalize your product to the affiliate - the last step

  • Should you manually approve an affiliate (…so that no fraudulence is practiced!)
  • Why should you never forget to enter the keywords of your product (hint - this is an important step.)
  • How to motivate your customers to share your products on Facebook.
  • How to complete the last few formalities and ensure your product is ready to be sold (...and step forward towards using a quality affiliate program.)

Lesson 7.0 - Facebook Ads An Overview

Discover why Facebook advertising works every time? (plus, find the beginner tips that you can’t afford to miss!)

  • Why Facebook paid advertising works better than others (hint - the platform enables advertisers to target specific demographics.)
  • How does Facebook ensure maximum optimization of your resources.
  • What are the advantages of Facebook ads that every information marketer should know about?

Lesson 7.1 - Lets Get Started

How to set up the basics to initiate a successful Facebook ad campaign

  • How to set up a Facebook Business page? (...understand the step-by-step process.)
  • What is the function of an ad account (plus, find an effective method for organizing your ad account.)
  • How to set up a Facebook Business Manager Account (so that you organize multiple ad accounts and track the performance of each one.)

Lesson 7.2 - Your Campaign Objectives

How to select the most suitable campaign objective to generate traffic to your cause

  • Find the 4 campaign objectives that you should know about (this'll determine the overall success of your advertisement.)
  • What is 'traffic' objective and how is it different from 'getting more video views' objective (plus, find the correct usage guidelines for both of them!)
  • What is the purpose of the 'lead generation campaign objective' and how the 'website conversion objective' has a strikingly different function (hint - you have to understand both for long-term success!)

Lesson 7.3 - Facebook Ads Budget And Bidding

Why understanding the basics of 'Facebook ad cost' is important for achieving proper ROI

  • How much do Facebook ads cost and why is it advised to start small (...a detailed discussion that clears every doubt.)
  • How to plan for your initial budget and adjust it along the way (plus, find the 'scale it upwards' technique to further optimize the campaign.)
  • What are the 2 factors that you should keep in mind while evaluating the quality of your ad (hint - don’t miss this if you’re just starting out!)

Lesson 7.4 - Audience And Targeting

How to target and retarget through Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Pixel to build a rock-solid strategy

  • What is a 'lookalike audience' and how does this approach enable you to reach out to new people (...that are potentially interested in your product or service.)
  • How to 'retarget your audience' for your Facebook advertising campaigns with Facebook Pixel (hint - the best way to track the visitor actions on your website across devices.)
  • How to successfully retarget your audience for your upsells (...and why you should emphasize on your back-end sales instead!)

Lesson 7.5 - A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Dollars

How to build your visual portfolio for your Facebook adverts in 3 simple steps

  • Why should you invest your quality time in curating and selecting the most impactful images for your advertisements (hint - always stay relevant and true to your context.)
  • How to adjust the image size to fit the needs of your audiences (…and the different devices they are utilizing.)
  • How should you balance between text and images to increase the overall impact of the advertisement (plus, find powerful tips to create an amazing first impression with your images!)

Lesson 7.6 - Optimization Increasing Traffic And Conversions

How to optimize your Facebook ads to drive more traffic towards your offer

  • How to define your campaign goals and strategies (...believe it or not, the optimization process begins before the first ad is even created.)
  • What are the 2 important strategies that work for your Facebook ad when trying to drive traffic (hint - the overall purpose is to reduce your cost per conversion.)
  • Discover important hacks for successful retargeting of your audience (plus, how to run a split test by utilizing your standard Facebook ads budget & splitting between the two campaigns.)

Lesson 7.7 - Video Tutorial - Creating Your First Ad Campaign

See exactly what are the 5 steps to create your first Facebook Ad Campaign

  • How to identify your campaign objectives (for example, you can choose conversion objective to generate leads and persuade your audience.)
  • How to set up your custom audience and choose your ad placements (hint - discover the practical tips!)
  • What is the right way to set up your ad budget & format the advertisement with a purposeful 'call to action'.

Lesson 8.0 - Introducing The Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO and how can you leverage the power of Google

  • Discover the real power of Google as a search tool (…and the cut-throat competition on the platform.)
  • Find the right definition of SEO (..and why it offers an abundant opportunity to an online business owner.)
  • Why should you know more about SEO before you hire someone to improve your search rankings.

Lesson 8.1 - Meet Your Optimization Friend

Discover the science behind effective search engine optimization

  • What are natural/organic search results and why should you care (plus, understand the right algorithm behind Google search.)
  • Understand how Google works with a real-life example.
  • Why is it important to stay on the first page of Google search results (...and why is it the real key behind every click you will ever receive.)

Lesson 8.2 - SEO Agents Of How (Part 1)

Get effective tips to fully optimize your website to generate traffic you desire

  • These are the two questions you should ask before beginning any SEO campaign (plus, discover two important agents that determine the Google’s search ranking process.)
  • What is on-site optimization (hint - it's the basic step towards gaining certain recognition by both search engines, and your viewers.)
  • How to inform Google about the subject matter of your site (plus, understand the concept of keywords and how they work!)
  • How to categorize or tag your post so the title fits the subject matter (also, find a live example!)

Lesson 8.3 - SEO Agents Of How (Part 2)

What is Off-Site Optimization and why should you care? (tips to become an authoritative figure for Google.)

  • What is the real key to Google's attention (hint - the importance of gaining many 'links' to your site.)
  • How to get your site declared 'authoritative' by Google itself? (...a peek into the basic process.)
  • The 3 step formula for off-site optimization (plus, why should you link your main site to other social platforms.)

Lesson 8.4 - You & Your Traffic Generating Agents

Discover how to use SEO as a long-term strategy and find out when the right time is to implement it

  • 2 relevant ways to implement on-site and off-site optimization (hint - more traffic you generate, the higher your site’s authority is perceived!)
  • What is White-Hat SEO (...and why is it a slow, yet steady way to increase traffic.)
  • Why is it crucial to stay away from Black-Hat SEO (…and find why patience is the most important virtue for generating traffic using SEO.)
  • Why is it a bad idea to leave a blog or webpage stagnant for too long (hint - having a reputation for consistency is something which search engines appreciate.)

Lesson 9.0 - Facebook Page

Get an introduction to Facebook - the biggest traffic generating giant on the planet

  • Why is it impossible to ignore the traffic opportunities presented by Facebook.
  • How can you use the powerful demographic information provided by Facebook to your advantage.
  • Why should you concentrate your energy on generating a huge amount of traffic from a free Facebook Page ( hint - avoiding FB is a bad idea!)

Lesson 9.1 - The Basics Of An FB Page

What are the basics of a Facebook Page that every online business owner should be aware of

  • What are the 3 important guidelines for generating traffic using an FB Page (...and how the smallest fundamentals contribute towards the bigger picture.)
  • Why is it important that every post that you share should offer solutions to users.
  • How to encourage the users towards shopping online.
  • How to weave a thread of emotional connection with your users (hint - anticipate the foreseen problems so users can interact and spread the ‘news’.)

Lesson 9.2 - Facebook Page Traffic (Part 1)

How to create a Facebook page (basic, yet super-important!)

  • Why is it important to treat the Facebook page as your second website (...so you steer users to your main website.)
  • When should you opt for the paid Facebook ads?
  • How to set up the specifics on a Facebook page (...a detailed discussion that you cannot afford to miss!)
  • What is the most neglected section of an FB page that you should pay 'extra attention' to.

Lesson 9.3 - Facebook Page Traffic (Part 2)

Find out what are the informational posts you could potentially create and increase your reach on Facebook

  • What is an ‘empty page’ (... and why should you always avoid it!)
  • What are the 7 types of post available for you to choose from (...find a detailed description around each of these posts to ease your decision process.)
  • Why is it a bad idea to keep your followers waiting for a long time (hint - always keep them engaged!)

Lesson 9.4 - Concluding Your Consistency With Facebook

Discover what is 'Facebook Insights' and how it helps you understand your audience

  • What are the necessary & useful metrics that you could churn out from 'Facebook Insights' (…and identify what kind of post generates more response from your followers.)
  • What are the 3 main audience questions that 'Facebook Insights' lets you answer (...you get actionable information which you can use right away!)
  • How to select the best suited 'call to action' for your business.

Lesson 10.0 - Introducing Instagram For Business

Introduction to Instagram - the best social platform to capture, appreciate, and share precious moments in your life

  • Is Instagram the most powerful social platform on your mobile phone.
  • Why your presence on Instagram is not a matter of choice (hint - 50% of the world’s big brands use Instagram as a part of their online marketing strategy.)
  • Is it possible for a normal online marketer to generate solid engagement on Instagram.

Lesson 10.1 - Instagram User On The Go (Part 1)

What is the biggest strength of Instagram (plus, discover a few beginner tips to gain complete control over the platform)

  • Why should you never forget to 'tag the right words' to make sure Instagram works in your favor.
  • Why is it advisable that you link your Facebook Page to the Instagram profile (plus, find a way to understand the audience’s behaviour.)
  • When should you turn your Instagram account into a business account (...and what are the significant benefits of this move!)

Lesson 10.2 - Instagram User On The Go (Part 2)

How will Instagram insights help you analyze your viewers based on your target audience

  • What is the primary difference between 'impression' and 'reach' (...and why is it important to know about this basic information!)
  • How to know about the total number of impressions, reach, and engagement your post has generated (...in just one click!)
  • Why should you 'create stories' on Instagram (plus, know about the followers that are most active on your Instagram account.)

Lesson 10.3 - Whats Next For You & Instagram

How to practically gain traffic using Instagram business profile - 2 key points that you should not miss

  • Why do you see ‘Check link in bio’, or ‘Link in bio’ on popular Instagram posts? (plus, how can you use this information to direct users towards your sales promotion page.)
  • Why should you 'tag' posts every time (...and why expressing your creativity is extremely important here!)
  • Find some practical hacks to generate the traffic, not only to your Instagram profile but to your main page as well.

Lesson 11.0 - Introduction To Tumblr For Business

Get an introduction to Tumblr and discover how you can use this platform to creatively drive traffic!

  • How to use your creativity to drive traffic on Tumblr (hint - a unique user environment filled with a lot of traffic opportunities.)
  • How is Tumblr different than Facebook (... and why is it an important online community that you can never ignore.)
  • How famous brands like Calvin Klein, Disney, Adidas, Coca Cola use powerful Tumblr community to spread the word like a wildfire.

Lesson 11.1 - Becoming A Tumblr User (Part 1)

Discover the secrets to become a power user of Tumblr

  • How to create your own Tumblr account and manage it to produce optimum results (...a complete step-by-step process for beginners!)
  • Why is it advisable to use your company’s name (... especially, if you are signing up as a business.)
  • What is ‘Reblogging’ and how can you use it to your advantage.

Lesson 11.2 - Becoming A Tumblr User (Part 2)

Discover how to customize your profile and maximize your Tumblr platform

  • How to edit the second page of your profile and choose 'appearance settings' which best suits your business (hint - it’s always a great idea to explore other blogs for inspiration.)
  • How to use custom URL on Tumblr  and make it easier for users to find you (...and receive the traffic & recognition you deserve.)
  • How to add ‘photo’, ‘videos’, ‘GIFs’, and ‘horizontal line’ for caption breaks (and put additional credibility to the source of your post.)

Lesson 11.3 - Tumblr & Traffic

Find out how to tag and use other features to increase the engagement on Tumblr

  • What is the psychology behind 'Tagging' and why people search a particular tag in the first place?
  • Why should you learn about 'hearts' and 'reblogs' (hint - discovering the crucial unspoken rules on Tumblr.)
  • How to ensure that  Tumblr automatically syncs your ‘exploration’ and you can use every feature to generate purposeful traffic on the platform.

Lesson 12.0 - Pinterest Your Virtual Pins And Boards

Pinterest - your best shot to own an online bulletin board on your own

  • What makes Pinterest invincible (hint - just make blog posts, videos, ads, or even a piece of news shareable in a matter of seconds!)
  • Why should you join the big brands and start using Pinterest right away (...in fact, you should not waste a single second if you are an online business owner.)
  • Why Pinterest is dubbed as the new leading 'referral traffic generator' (hint - honestly, Twitter doesn't even stand a chance!)

Lesson 12.1 - How Do You Pin It (Part 1)

Let's start pinning like a rock star - a basic Pinterest tutorial

  • How to set up the profile page and brand yourself the right way (hint - just portray ample clarity of what users will expect when they visit your profile.)
  • Why is it important for you to understand the 'process of searching' on Pinterest (hint - it's all about keywords and tags!)
  • Why should you know about the unique slangs like ‘Pin’, ‘Board’ and ‘Tried it’ (...a must-know advice for a new Pinterest user.)

Lesson 12.2 - How Do You Pin It (Part 2)

Discover the science behind 'Boards' and 'Pins’ what the differences are and why they matter

  • What is the purpose of a 'Pin' (hint - find a simple explanation with a relevant example.)
  • How to choose a preferred 'Board' to ensure that you've successfully saved the 'Pin'.
  • How to edit your saved Pins (hint - discover the step-by-step process!)

Lesson 12.3 - Traffic And Pins

Find out how to ensure that Pinterest assists you in generating traffic

  • Why is it important that users 're-pin' your posts?
  • How to use the demographic data to your advantage (hint - for example, 80% of Pinterest’s users are women!)
  • How to attract users on Pinterest with 'Likeable Pins' (...to encourage other users to share, like and re-pin.)

Lesson 13.0 - Big Traffic Conclusion

Which tactic will drive the most traffic to your purpose, paid or free! (find a powerful pros and cons list to decide!)

  • Why free traffic works really well for a longer period of time (hint - even when your campaign has ended!)
  • Is paid traffic the best way to immediately drive your intended audience to your site (hint - this also makes your campaigns easily scalable and simpler to tweak!)
  • What should be your pick for a reliable traffic source (...don't miss this advice if you’re feeling stuck with the decision!)


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